Dresses, 1920s-70s - By Charlotte Dymock.




“Saved by veterinarians SuperGatito

This kitten was born with deformed rib cage, which directly affected the position of his heart and triggered a series of breathing problems. In this situation, veterinarians put a splint on his chest and blindfolded him, it was then realized that the dressing resembled a superhero costume, hence the name Supergatito. 

Supergatito more like Iron Cat


we can rebuild him

we have the technology

Were it not for that Iron Cat picture I would be crying



hue jackman


i showed this to my sister and she slapped me



villains who switch sides due to personal convictions and not because they fell in love with a hero

villains who fall in love with a hero but refuse to switch sides due to personal convictions

villains who have feelings for heroes but aren’t willing to just ditch their life and everything they’ve worked for

sympathetic villains with goals and motivations other than heroic bonkybits


As soon as I finished watching Winter Soldier I was mentally screaming “I NEED TO DRAW HIS ROBO ARM COVERED IN GRAFFITI INSTEAD OF TATTOOS” and so here is Punk!Winter Soldier, who also has some Steve/WWII inspired tattoos on his other arm… either Hydra got lazy and didn’t have them removed, or this is a post-movie Bucky, who is slowly adding more tattoos as he begins to remember more and excuse me I need a minute. Also is that a target on the assassins back or Caps Shield??? Either way, man.


when you have an awesome comeback but you accidentally stutter it


When characters we love die, we mourn them. Yes, we are pained by the death of the character, but we equally pained by the departure of the actor/actress. Naturally, most of us didn’t feel sad about Joffrey dieing, in fact, most were quite glad about it. Long story short, I don’t feel like Jack Gleeson is getting a well-deserved good-bye, and let’s not forget his wonderful work.

So here’s to the death of Joffrey, good-bye you little piece of shit!

And here’s to the marvelous portrayal of such a horridly despicable character by our darling, Jack Gleeson!

"Kings" + Final Words

Benedict Cumberbatch has single-handedly sparked a crime wave on-board British Airways flights, leaving baffled staff scratching their heads for answers. Cabin crew were initially left in a puzzle after noticing a high volume of their in-flight magazine High Life, which features Sherlock star Benedict as their April cover star, disappearing from their aircrafts. But they soon turned Sherlock themselves and after searching for clues, they stumbled across copies of their free magazine being sold at record prices on online bidding site eBay.
Benedict Cumberbatch High Life magazines stolen from British Airways flights | Metro News (via acafanmom) —

I just think it’s rude to be on a tube and stick your phone up to take a photo as though I’m an animal in the zoo. And I think it’s ruder when you try to do it on the sly, because, you know, I would always say ‘yes’! So it’s that thing where it becomes a little bit dehumanising.
— simple reminder from Andrew Scott that he DOES NOT like it when people sneakily take pictures. (x) —